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Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

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Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (officially known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram)

is regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand.

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Located in the historic centre of Bangkok, within the grounds of the Grand Palace,

it enshrines Phra Kaew Morakot (the Emerald Buddha),

the highly revered Buddha image meticulously carved from a single block of jade.

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The Emerald Buddha (Phra Putta Maha Mani Ratana Patimakorn)

is a Buddha image in the meditating position in the style of the Lanna school of the north,

dating from the 15th century AD.

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Raised high on a series of platforms, no one is allowed near the Emerald Buddha except HM the King.

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A seasonal cloak, changed three times a year

to correspond to the summer, winter, and rainy season covers the statue.

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A very important ritual, the changing of the robes is performed only

by the King to bring good fortune to the country during each season.

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The temple of  Emerald Buddha is beautifully decorated and has a great sense of peace about it.

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Wat Phra Kaew or Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram, 

is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple (wat) in Thailand.

It is located in Phra Nakhon District, the historic centre of Bangkok, within the precincts of the Grand Palace.

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