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Tom Kah Gai, coconut milk soup recipe

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Every time I go out for Thai Food, I always end up ordering a side of Tom Kah Gai to compliment my meal.  So one day, I decided to cook up a pot of Tom Kah Gai at home, without a proper recipe.   I basically went with my instinct with the proportions and ingredients.  I have been cooking Thai food for quite a while so I have been exposed to some of the unusual and exotic flavors of Thai Cuisine.

The ingredients include coconut milk, chicken stock, cubed chicken, fish sauce, lime juice, mushrooms, lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass, and cilantro.

The Method:
1. Bring chicken stock to a boil, and add 2-3 slices of galangal, 2-3 sticks of lemon grass chopped into three segments, 3 pieces of lime leaves and the cubed chicken into the pot.  Allow the flavors to incorporate.  The lemon grass, lime leaves and the galangal are the two key ingredients that really enhance the flavors of this dish.
2. Add sliced mushrooms into the pot, along with some lime juice and fish sauce.
3. Add as much coconut milk as you want, I usually add 1/2 – 1 can of coconut milk. (Depends on how health conscious you are).  This is another key ingredient, the coconut milk really balances out the flavors.
4. Allow the soup to simmer.
5. Garnish the dish with cilantro.

As long as you end up with a well balanced, flavorful bowl of Tom Kah Gai, you know you are on the right track!  Go with your instinct and experiment with flavor!

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