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Thai Yoga Massage

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Traditional Thai massage, called Nuad Thai language,
reflects a long history of health therapy.
The therapeutic basis of Thai Yoga Massage is rooted
in traditional medicine of Ayurveda.
When the Zen spirit mingles travel…


Restore the perfect balance between body and mind, soul and energy.
Spas, steam rooms or spa, natural sources or traditional baths, in aqua veritas. 

If one seeks to trace the roots of therapeutic massage techniques practiced in Thailand,
it is surprising to find that Thai massage is in fact not at all from Thailand,
but he went to India to get in Southeast Asia

Origins of Thai Yoga Massage
This is in Thailand at the time of Buddha, there are over 2000 years, that develops the technique of Thai Yoga Massage.
Buddhist monks, then left India to travel around Asia and Thailand,
have taken care to bring expertise and medicinal healing techniques. 

True ancestral art of healing, the Thai Yoga Massage draws from yoga, traditional Chinese medicine
and Shiatsu Japanese all that made his mark as a distinctive art form in itself,
it differs in that type of massage usually performed North America today

Centuries ago, a dynamic form of body therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda originated in the temples of Thailand.
In this unique therapeutic system of Thai Yoga Massage – also called Nuad Boran
and widely known as traditional Thai massage. 

In a series of yoga postures while applying pressure with thumbs
and palms along the lines of energy (called “sen”) of the body and acupressure points.
These combined actions result in a full body treatment that releases muscle tension, improves circulation,
strengthens the immune system and restores the energy balance

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor,
client and practitioner are both dressed comfortably allowing ease and flexibility of movement.
No oils or creams are used.
The word Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words: Ayur (life) and veda (knowledge).
Thus, the science of life is a guide for the proper maintenance of life. 

According to Ayurveda, each individual is composed of one or a combination
of any of the three doshas (body types) of vata (air-space), pitta (fire-water) and  or kapha (earth-water).
It is by understanding this concept tridoshic the practitioner succeeds best to treat each person
according to the constitution of its own

One aspect of the Lotus Palm method is to reconnect each Thai Yoga Massage posture with its constitution tridoshic.
For example, the pace and intensity of each posture are guided by Ayurvedic principles of constitution:
slow and gentle for vata, non-vigorous and relaxing for pitta, kapha and energizing.
Each yoga posture in which is placed the customer activates one or more of the doshas


The energy can be balanced by applying postures of the opposite nature that will strengthen his/her dosha (s) lower,
for example, for someone who vata nature is rather nervous and very active,
the practitioner would apply postures more slow and relaxing



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