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Thai Fish Massage

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The fish stimulate some acupuncture point, helping to regulate the nervous system,
relax the body and release your fatigue – experience is the finest of nature after work!
Just sit and Enjoy…


A Fish Pedicure is a wonderful personal pleasure,
it is also a great experience so why not to do with some friends
The Pédicure treatment with Fish Massage is totally natural, hygienic, safe and clean


This ancient and natural therapeutic treatment of foot massage
and pedicure using authentic Garra Rufa fish
The fish do not have teeth, they cannot hurt you
and the minimum number of fish to receive a proper treatment is 200


Before the Fish massage, you need 10 minutes in the warm water for your skin is enough softfor the fish
and we suggested more 30 minutes of treatment time


The treatment is natural and so like any natural treatment is it time based, the fish aren’t magic!But, MUCH MUCH more natural than any skin cream



The results is :  sleeping better, foot numbness reducing, blemishes reducing,
Karma with nature, reduced fear of going into the sea, appreciation of nature


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