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/ 27 May 2013 11 h 56 min

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok.

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok. For many people a normal cheap transportation across the city of Bangkok the go to their work. Also for tourist a real experience to make a trip with the boats. The bring you also to many temples the building behind the canals. Around the canals you see many beautiful nature. When you have [...]

/ 23 May 2013 15 h 21 min

Bangkok by bicycle.

Bangkok by bicycle. The city of Bangkok has no reputation of being a pedestrian or bicycle friendly city, but exploring the Thai capital on bike has become increasingly popular by foreign visitors and the number of organizers of these tours are getting up quickly. More tourists, who have booked their stay in hotels and resorts in the crowded city have [...]

/ 9 May 2013 10 h 18 min

Getting some WWII history in Kanchanaburi.

Getting some WWII history in Kanchanaburi. At around 130 km. from the Thai capital of Bangkok in the west of the country, bordering Myanmar (Burma) lays the fourth biggest province of the Kingdom, Kanchanaburi or shortened by locals just as ” Kan”. This province which capital has the same name, harbors much of Thailand’s jungle and mountains, as well as [...]

/ 10 April 2013 21 h 25 min

Sunny Holidays in Thailand.

Each year we looking for a new destination for our holidays. Mostly sunny holidays be the first planned. There is always the choice for only a flight-ticket or a total holiday-package. It is often a difficult decision, because there is also a financial picture. People come more often to Thailand and taking only a flight-ticket and booking in Thailand a [...]

/ 16 March 2013 16 h 15 min

You booking your Thailand vacation already ?

On your holidays to Thailand belong a trip to Kanchanaburi, a beautiful area on the border with Burma. The Bridge on the River Kwai is located in Kanchanaburi province. It is very important about history of Thailand. Railway under the imperial Japanese army to be a part of the 415 km long Burma-Thailand railway building. Don-Rak War Cemetery This war [...]

/ 5 March 2013 10 h 28 min

Thailand with many Islands.

It is time for a booking for a Thailand amazing dream vacation. On the many beautiful islands and beaches you can have your holiday of your dreams, like Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Chiang, and many more….. When you like fishing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, or an other watersport, is Thailand the place for you. You can make a choice [...]

/ 23 February 2013 16 h 42 min

Luxury Hotels & Resorts.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts all around Thailand. Not only your trip to the beach or the beautiful shopping centers is important. But also a good Hotel or resort for a good sleep. All give you a good feeling and a relaxed holiday. We help to found the Place and Hotel from your choice. Be free to contact us: THAILAND-BESTHOTELS PHUKET-BESTHOTELS

/ 14 February 2013 10 h 49 min

Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, time for a romantic dinner. Many good places in hole Thailand for a relaxing time with your love-ones. You can go to a beach, restaurant or hotel. In the mean time you can search for a nice vacation place in beautiful Thailand. We help you with your booking for a nice hotel or resort. THAILAND-BESTHOTELS PHUKET-BESTHOTELS