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/ 27 May 2013 11 h 56 min

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok.

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok. For many people a normal cheap transportation across the city of Bangkok the go to their work. Also for tourist a real experience to make a trip with the boats. The bring you also to many temples the building behind the canals. Around the canals you see many beautiful nature. When you have [...]

/ 7 May 2013 16 h 56 min

Erawan National Park and waterfalls.

Erawan National Park and waterfalls. Many visitors to Thailand will bring a visit to Kanchanaburi province to see the world famous “Bridge over the river Kwai” , the Death Railway and the war cemetery. But the province has much more to offer, especially for those who want to enjoy the lust for flora, fauna and tranquility. Within an hours drive [...]

/ 17 April 2013 22 h 45 min

Khao Yai is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Khao Yai is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. It is also the oldest national park in Thailand. You need to see it with your own eyes before you can imaging the beauty. Nature and wildlife is so different that you not can imagine until you have seen it. Among the dense tropical vegetation living birds, reptiles, carnivorous [...]

/ 2 February 2013 10 h 11 min

Ob Luang National Park.

Ob Luang National Park, in the Nord of Thailand. Located about 100 km on the southwest side of Chiang Mai, a area of 550 square km  and mostly granite hills and forest. Who want to see a beautiful nature as well as experience adventure. Ob Luang National Park with rocks, cliffs, canyon and waterfalls is also a nice place for [...]

/ 30 January 2013 9 h 24 min

A wonderful Thailand Holiday.

Thailand have everything for a real wonderful holiday. Nature for jungle tracking (with elephants) or a beach and relax holiday. On many Island is a lot to do, when you like to scuba diving or you want to go with a kayak, everything is possible. Also the hole year have many events and festivals, like the coming Songkran (water-festival in [...]

/ 22 January 2013 15 h 55 min

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park with beautiful waterfalls. The National park is a hour drive from Kanchanaburi, a town on the west side of Bangkok on the way to the Myanmar border. On several from the seven waterfalls in the park is it allowed to swim. The authorities won’t let you take your food past there, but still have places to eat [...]

/ 3 October 2012 5 h 49 min

Dragon fruits in Thailand

Dragon fruit usually known as Pitaya  or Pitahaya fruit is a pretty fruit in South East Asia but maybe found in Central and South America. Dragon fruit has different colored flesh in 3 colors, one white  and other red. The fruit is low calories with fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C etc. We can have healthy health by eating a dried or [...]

/ 22 May 2012 22 h 28 min

Diving in Similan island

  The archipelago is known by divers worldwide as one of the best “spot” of the globe, with a crystal-clear water.  It is ranked among the 10 most beautiful sites in the world by U.S. magazine “Skin Diving”   The Similan Islands archipelago is located one hundred kilometers northwest of the island of Phuket and 65 km from the coast, [...]