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/ 26 October 2013 19 h 08 min

Kanchanaburi river kwai tour

Kanchanaburi river kwai tour Just two hours west of Bangkok and 40 minutes from the border with Myanmar, Kanchanaburi is a diverse and popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand with easy access to waterfalls and national parks. There is the famous Wat Than Phu Wa which features a series of grotto shrines within a [...]

/ 18 August 2013 13 h 39 min

Thung Teao national park Krabi.

Thung Teao national park Krabi. Krabi is well-known for its natural beauty and a must see during your stay is the Crystal Lagoon in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, an lowland forest you have never seen before, with a great bio-diversity,a nature trail and a crystal lagoon. Located in the Khao Pra-Bang Kram area, the nature trail is a [...]

/ 6 July 2013 22 h 12 min

Tum Morakot Emerald Cave.

Tum Morakot Emerald Cave. Strange sea caves. Talmud is sifting through the white sand and trees piled in the center of the island. Access to float in the water, this dark cave. Into one line as a guide. Forward to catch people may think that it does not get lost. Who would believe that. On through the darkness. When sufficient [...]

/ 7 May 2013 16 h 56 min

Erawan National Park and waterfalls.

Erawan National Park and waterfalls. Many visitors to Thailand will bring a visit to Kanchanaburi province to see the world famous “Bridge over the river Kwai” , the Death Railway and the war cemetery. But the province has much more to offer, especially for those who want to enjoy the lust for flora, fauna and tranquility. Within an hours drive [...]

/ 17 April 2013 22 h 45 min

Khao Yai is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Khao Yai is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. It is also the oldest national park in Thailand. You need to see it with your own eyes before you can imaging the beauty. Nature and wildlife is so different that you not can imagine until you have seen it. Among the dense tropical vegetation living birds, reptiles, carnivorous [...]