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Pattaya and Petchaburi Bremen diving sites in Thailand

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Pattaya Dive Sites were Favourite from Scuba Divers around the world. Diving sites are really exciting. Coral Reef were very beautyful and many marine lifes are still abundant perfect for Scuba Divers to dive here .
Main scuba diving areas around Pattaya Bay are located in the “Far Islands“. These sites are the second ring of islands about 20-30 kilometers from Pattaya beach. The islands are controlled by Thai Navy, and it’s not allowed to construct any permanent structures. These islands including Koh Rin, Koh ManWichai, Koh Klung Bedan, Koh Hu Chang and Koh Phai. All of these sites are about 20 different dive sites with visibility ranging from 5 – 15 meters.

Petchaburi Bremen is one of the best wreck dives near Pattaya. The Bremen sank in the 1930’s after a fire.The site has generated excellent coral and has a maximum depth of around 25 metres.The Petchburi Bremen, is a 110-metre, freighter severely damaged by a fire and an explosion in her engine room in the mid-1930s
Petchaburi Bremen rest upright on a sandy bottom, her centre section twisted and broken up, not only by the explosion, but also by demolition practice carried out by the Royal Thai Navy( At Present not used any more).Due to her position between two islands, The strong currents can be encountered on the boat as well as sizeable waves at certain times of the year. This dive is not for novices divers.


The Petchaburi Bremen is become an impressive artificial reef. Soft corals and also the colorful of frame around the eroding structures and portholes. Scuba Divers could see around the wreck that the form of multiple pulley system and the broken parts of some heavy machinery.

Location: Petchaburi Bremen Shipwreck located Koh Khram Yai and Sattahip
Depth: Average 19m/ Maximum 24 m
Visibility: 5-15m
Best Time: December- March
Time of Transport: 90 minutes by Boat
Water Current: Can be Strong

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