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Lumpini Boxing Stadium.

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Lumpini Boxing Stadium.

On Rama 4 road on a short distance from the busy Silom district you will find the Lumpini Boxing Stadium.
It’s probably the best known Thai-box  stadium in the world, but not the oldest, which is the Rajadamnern, not far from Khaosan road.
There are in total 7 standard Thai boxing stadiums in the Kingdom of Thailand, but the most visited by tourists is Lumpini.


The Royal Thai Army got an order from the Army Welfare Department to establish a second national-standard boxing stadium halfway the ’50, by being Rajadamern the only standard stadium in the country.
This with the aim of securing and promoting the sport for the country, as Judo is for Japan.
The then General Prapas Jarusatien took the task of being the driving force behind bringing the order to complete, and so in December 1956, Lumpini first opened it’s doors for fighting.

One of the most famous Lumpini Champions was Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn who reigned almost without defeat in the early 1980s. Holding the Lightweight Title for 4 years, he was eventually stripped of the title as no one could take it from him.

In 1975, a fight between the famous Poot Lorlek and Vicharnoi Prontawee at junior featherweight drew such a crowd the gate took over One Million Baht. For seven years the “Angel Boxer ” dominated the scene.

Recently, many non-Thai boxers have come to show their skills here – among them Ivan Hippolyte and Ramon Dekker. Lumpini also saw Nung Toom, the well known transvestite boxer many times.

Current situation.

These days 12 promoters have the oppertunity to organize fights in the stadium, which are being held on Tuesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s.
On these days the stadium attracts big crowds of local and foreign visitors.

Tickets are available in the range between 200 and 2000 Baht, but the cheap tickets aren’t available for foreigners, the lowest price for tourists are most found at a starting price of 1000 Baht, for a ringside seat to a VIP seat for 2000 Baht.
On the second ring in the stadium you’ll see something unseen in the rest of Thailand and that is gambling.
Although forbidden in the country, the seven stadiums have licenses, where betting on the matches is aloud.
This occurs with a lot of handwork and you’ll think you’ve ended up on the stock market.

Do not buy your tickets from any of the touts roaming the entrance, even if the wear a Lumpini badge or id-card, they are part of a scam and try to sell the same tickets at a much higher rate.


Lumpini Boxing Station

Lumpini Boxing Station

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