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Living on a Thai island.

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Living on a Thai island.

Many people enjoy a brief idyll on one of Thailand’s beautiful islands. But Torre DeRoche is more for a living on long term.

Some people, have a month or two to cavort the world, will fill their itineraries with a blur of destinations, experiences and bus rides. We like to slow down so that we can know a place inside out, smell it, feel its heartbeat. That is why, set off for a long getaway, we pinpointed a single destination.

Koh Tao, a tiny speck in the Gulf of Thailand, is known for its inexpensive Padi scuba training, and since we always wanted to become an diver, this was enough of a reason to search on this island for a bungalow or resort.

We travelled in many different ways: We learned that there is more richness in getting to know one place intimately than many places superficially. Every country has a heart and a soul that you can’t find in a guidebook. Like with any relationship, getting to know a place intimately takes patience, mindfulness and time. Give yourself time to be wooed.

We help you to search and booking of your choice.

Torre DeRoche's Thai bungalow

Torre DeRoche’s Thai bungalow

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