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Koh Lipe Island

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Koh Lipe is a part of the Butang group, a group of twenty islands,
which lies west of Koh Tarutao Marine Park in Tarutao
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Koh Lipe: 1:30 plane from Bangkok, then 2 hours of 3:30 boat and then minibus!
Sure we will don’t come every day! on arrival, it is very hot, the water is clear as on postcards.
Against us by the boat loose on the main beach, or even when there is a lot of activity:
the bungalow along the beach, windsurfers, kayaks, … 

Beautiful beach with a beautiful barrier reef for snorkeling!

Fare of the Bangkok hotels …

The Butang group knows the greatest tides and currents can be strong,
which explains the richness and diversity of the seabed.
The diving and Snorkeling are excellent around Koh Lipe. 

Some of the islands in the archipelago are large and mountainous. They are covered with primary forests
and are surrounded by a fringing reef. Others are nothing more than a few rocks of diorite
(a type of granite with less quartz) just out of the water.

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Koh Lipe is relatively flat, as its name indicates Chao Ley: Pulau Nipi, which means the flat island.
Koh Adang is the large island north of Koh Lipe.
It is of similar size and appearance to Koh Rawi, its neighbor to the east

The year is divided into two main seasons. The dry season begins in early November and ends in May.
The rainy season begins in June and ends at the end of October.
From November to February, the wind north-east
(Chinese monsoon affects the east coast of Thailand) provides a cool breeze all night. 

The wind stops at the beginning of March, so the months are the hottest of the year.
The months from March to May have the best visibility and the best chance of seeing pelagic

From June to the end of October, the southwest monsoon, from the Indian Ocean, brings a lot of rain.
The ferries will cease to operate and Koh Lipe is now closed to tourists.
The island then enjoyed a welcome break at the ecological level



The people of Koh Lipe are known as Chao Leh, which means “men of the sea” or “sea gypsies” in Thai.
Those living in Adang, Lipe and Lanta Bulon are known to Urak Lawoy,
and are from Malaysia and Sumatra.
To Kiri was the first chief of the village of Koh Lipe, known to history and visited the islands
at the beginning of last century, at the invitation of the governor of Satun province.
Koh Lipe was given to him by royal decree to ensure the Thai dominance in this region coveted by the English.
There are currently 700 Chao Leh-Lipe and Adang Bulon 200 to Don and to Leh


The language reflects these origins Urak Lawoy Malay-Polynesian.
Their animist religion is distinct and sea gypsies revere the spirits of their ancestors, the sea and islands.
Evil spirits and bad luck generate calamities, the good spirits protect the fisherman and his family.
Twice a year, the full moon in May and in October and November,
the festival of Loy Rua demonstrates the strength of these ancient beliefs


The Chao Leh venerate the memory of their ancestors and especially that of their founding leader, Kiri To.
They build a 2 meter boat in which they place the spices, rice, fish, cakes, locks of hair and nail clippings.
The festival lasts three days and the drinking is constant.
The third day, the Chao Leh launch the boat into the sea and if they drift out to sea,
the year is presented under the best auspices. If the boat ran aground on the beach, the year looks bad.

The creation of Tarutao Marine Park and his appointment as World Heritage by UNESCO
in 1973 marked the end of total freedom enjoyed by the gypsies of the sea
and Adang Rawi villages were moved on Lipe to ensure protection of nature in these islands.

Tourism and the emergence of money began mid 1980
and the first groups of bungalows were built in the early 1990s

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