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Elephant Camp Kanchanaburi – Thailand

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Located near Bangkok, and all the best thailand hotels,
Kanchanaburi province is famous for its bridge over the River Kwai
and “Railway of Death” built by prisoners of war during World War II. 

This region is covered with tropical jungle inhabited by elephants and rivers.

Population that includes Karen and Mon tribes are welcoming and friendly


KANCHANABURI is the third largest province of Thailand, north west of Bangkok,
bordering Myanmar (Burma) often mountainous and offer beautiful landscapes. 

Kanchanaburi, the city’s famous Bridge on the River Kwai, is valued for its natural beauty,
rivers, mountains, lakes and forests give any value to the landscape

At only 130 km from Bangkok, two hours Surt a beautiful road,
Kanchanaburi and the surrounding area an opportunity to see waterfalls,
caves, animals, an ideal place for nature lovers.
The opportunity to spend a few quiet days, outside the main tourist routes


Ride an elephant: It’s a fantastic experience.
These huge animals will take you through jungle and river.
There are about 5,000 elephants in Thailand, half of which are domesticated.
A big elephant weighs 3000 kg, and eats up to 200 kg of food


Ganesha Park
Ganesha Park is a registered trademark owned by the company “Elephants River Kwai Co ltd.”
Ganesha Park is located in Kanchanaburi province in Thailand,
on the road from Kanchanaburi to Ganeshapark


A different concept: people come to spend a full day – from 12:00 to 12:00 – with an elephant and a mahout.
In all seven elephants.
The night is spent in a raft: floating chambers on the River Kwai 

Between Tong Pha Phum and Kanchanaburi, at exactly 100 km from Kanchanaburi.

Elephants await visitors to the bus stop to carry them to camp


The elephant camp Somnuk
Somnuk The elephant camp is located in the province of Kanchanaburi,
Thailand, a few hundred meters from the National 323,
the road to Thangpapum and Sangkaburi at exactly 70km from Kanchanaburi
to the tune of” Lava” cellar, to mid-chemein between Kanchanaburi and Thangpapum


The elephant camp is Somnuk be a perfect setting for one
who wants to go to Kanchanaburi Thangpapum Sangkaburi
and taking the time to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand! 

In the vicinity of the resort, the waterfalls of Saiyok noi, Syok Yai, Erawan
and wilder, and Pad tad paradise, the caves of Lava cave
and Dawa Dung sites where mass tourism does not come yet!

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