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Combination volunteering and a luxury holiday.

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Combination volunteering and a luxury holiday.
Doing volunteer work during your luxury vacation is a new travel trend to be. Because it is also very good for the personal development of people to something selflessly for others or for the nature or environment mean, you see that more and more people like the luxury holiday combined with charity or voluntary. A popular English-language abbreviation for volunteering during your vacation voluntourism.

Thailand has so much to offer that it really cries out for a ride. It allows you to have several days in a shelter for wildlife work. The Wildlife Rescue Center has many animals from their ruthless owners saved as: Gibbons, a Bengal tiger, bears, birds of prey, reptiles, elephants and monkeys. You can help by cleaning cages to implement and maintain the park itself.
You Persecuted in the same area your travel and stay overnights in a best 3 to 5 star hotel or resort.
We help you with your booking of your choice.
And wish you a happy holiday.


Volunteer with Children Thailand



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