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/ 25 February 2013 0 h 40 min

Bangkok Tourist

What to do in Bangkok ?   For the morning, take the best way : Taking a boat trip along the River on the Chao Phraya is one of the most efficient ways to explore the Angels city and a fine way to see the canal houses, temples and skyscrapers that line the banks.   To spend an afternoon of [...]

/ 23 February 2013 16 h 42 min

Luxury Hotels & Resorts.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts all around Thailand. Not only your trip to the beach or the beautiful shopping centers is important. But also a good Hotel or resort for a good sleep. All give you a good feeling and a relaxed holiday. We help to found the Place and Hotel from your choice. Be free to contact us: THAILAND-BESTHOTELS PHUKET-BESTHOTELS

/ 25 January 2013 18 h 13 min

Koh Chang Jungle Trekking.

Enjoy your active holiday in Koh Chang. Koh Chang is one of the biggest Islands, with real jungles. A real paradise with beautiful white beaches. For a active holiday you can make a Elephant tour through the jungle. When you like water, there is enough to do same Scuba-Diving, Swimming, Snorkeling, (Para)-Sailing, ….. On the Island a lot of beautiful [...]

/ 25 January 2013 7 h 32 min

Destination Koh Samui.

One of the most exotic island of Thailand is “Koh Samui” With many beautiful beaches all around the island. The are direct flights to/from Koh Samui,  Bangkok  Suvarnabhumi International Airport. On the island you have a great choice of beautiful Hotels and Resorts. A island, for a lot of activities, like diving, swimming, snorkeling, elephants tracking, …… It is a [...]

/ 22 January 2013 15 h 55 min

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park with beautiful waterfalls. The National park is a hour drive from Kanchanaburi, a town on the west side of Bangkok on the way to the Myanmar border. On several from the seven waterfalls in the park is it allowed to swim. The authorities won’t let you take your food past there, but still have places to eat [...]

/ 21 January 2013 10 h 45 min

Old Temple in Ayudhya

Wat Chai Wattanaram Temple in Ayudhya is one of the oldest temples in Thailand. You can climb to the steep steps and have a beautiful view of the river and the surrounding countryside. The temple is an example of Khmer architecture in the Ayuthaya 300 years ago. There different round-trips for a holiday and a  nice visit. Ask for any [...]

/ 16 January 2013 16 h 11 min

Sonkran Festival 2013

Sonkran Festival “Thai New Year”  (13 until 15 April) This year national holiday from 13 until 17 April. Expecting thousands of people on every street on this famous festival. When you want to join you must early booking for a hotel or resort. A week before Sonkran, become a lot of traffic in the hole country. Many missing the bus, [...]

/ 16 January 2013 15 h 18 min

Street activities.

In hole Thailand, in every town or village have a lot of street activities. When you like to shopping, there is to much to see and buy. For every tourist a attraction. On the streets is everything for-sale, sometimes also very cheap. A lot is handmade from the province. Thailand-Besthotels