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/ 6 July 2013 22 h 12 min

Tum Morakot Emerald Cave.

Tum Morakot Emerald Cave. Strange sea caves. Talmud is sifting through the white sand and trees piled in the center of the island. Access to float in the water, this dark cave. Into one line as a guide. Forward to catch people may think that it does not get lost. Who would believe that. On through the darkness. When sufficient [...]

/ 28 May 2013 14 h 13 min

If clubbing is your thing, the answer is RCA.

If clubbing is your thing, the answer is RCA. Between Rama IX road and Phetchaburi road, in the Huai Khwang district in Bangkok, you find the city’s largest entertainment and clubbing area, called Royal City Avenue or simply RCA. Along this road, which was set up by the government years ago, you’ll find an UMG cinema, a bowling alley, a [...]

/ 27 May 2013 11 h 56 min

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok.

Water-Taxi’s in the canals (klongs) of Bangkok. For many people a normal cheap transportation across the city of Bangkok the go to their work. Also for tourist a real experience to make a trip with the boats. The bring you also to many temples the building behind the canals. Around the canals you see many beautiful nature. When you have [...]

/ 23 May 2013 15 h 21 min

Bangkok by bicycle.

Bangkok by bicycle. The city of Bangkok has no reputation of being a pedestrian or bicycle friendly city, but exploring the Thai capital on bike has become increasingly popular by foreign visitors and the number of organizers of these tours are getting up quickly. More tourists, who have booked their stay in hotels and resorts in the crowded city have [...]

/ 15 May 2013 16 h 03 min

Lumpini Boxing Stadium.

Lumpini Boxing Stadium. On Rama 4 road on a short distance from the busy Silom district you will find the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. It’s probably the best known Thai-box  stadium in the world, but not the oldest, which is the Rajadamnern, not far from Khaosan road. There are in total 7 standard Thai boxing stadiums in the Kingdom of Thailand, [...]

/ 14 May 2013 16 h 12 min

Yaowarat road and Chinatown.

Yaowarat road and Chinatown. On the western banks of the Chao Phraya river in the Thai capital Bangkok, in the city’s oldest area, you will find the busy business center better known as Sam Peng Market. You are now standing in the middle of Bangkok’s Chinatown, the main trading area for the big Chinese community, which was over 200 years [...]

/ 9 May 2013 10 h 18 min

Getting some WWII history in Kanchanaburi.

Getting some WWII history in Kanchanaburi. At around 130 km. from the Thai capital of Bangkok in the west of the country, bordering Myanmar (Burma) lays the fourth biggest province of the Kingdom, Kanchanaburi or shortened by locals just as ” Kan”. This province which capital has the same name, harbors much of Thailand’s jungle and mountains, as well as [...]

/ 7 May 2013 16 h 56 min

Erawan National Park and waterfalls.

Erawan National Park and waterfalls. Many visitors to Thailand will bring a visit to Kanchanaburi province to see the world famous “Bridge over the river Kwai” , the Death Railway and the war cemetery. But the province has much more to offer, especially for those who want to enjoy the lust for flora, fauna and tranquility. Within an hours drive [...]