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Blue Elephant Bangkok Restaurant

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Founded in 1980 by Karl Steppe, his wife, Nooror Somany,
and two financial partners, the group has 12 Blue Elephant restaurants:
10 Blue Elephant located in 9 countries in the world
and 2 in Brussels and London


In Bangkok, with 3 tons of fresh Foods per week and a dozen other products, dry foods and coconut milk,
an office where 14 people work deals with the weekly supply of restaurants


To get a bird’s eye view of the restaurant Blue Elephant Bangkok in Thailand,
must be come by Sky Train with the Silom Line and get off at the station Surasak. 

From this vantage point, it overlooks the turn of the century house,
former Chamber of Commerce Thai-Chinese on South Sathorn Road, by courageously face the skyscrapers nearby

If the blue bar, non-existent in this form in the other 9 Blue Elephant restaurants,
gives the key to this new concept is created, it is a little more than 20 years,
it is above all on the map of Royal Thai cuisine restaurant that the new facility,
whose development was entrusted to Frederick Meyer (28),
a former from school Savignac establish its reputation
as well as the constants that made the success of the group


Combining classical Thai cuisine , for innovations, the menu should appeal to both local customers ,
for easy expatriates and people of passage used for an average ticket of 800 to 1000 baht


“The Thais that we have as clients do not come to eat Thai food.
Should we bring them the a higher, of the products also cooked with other local products”
says Karl Steppe, the p.-d.g. of the group
He continues:
“We want to get the message that Thai cuisine is a world cuisine.”


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